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Experts called the main conditions of a happy marriage

Специалисты назвали главные условия счастливого брака A strong family does not appear out of thin air.

All perfectly remember, how in childhood dream about strong and happy family. Looking at my parents, I thought that would never happen like quarrels and conflicts, small things. Then everything seemed so strange and real. But, children grow up, provide for their families.

And often avoid tense situations in adult life is not so simple. You need to exert a lot of effort, wisdom and patience to fulfill the dreams of family harmony in reality. Entering adult, independent life comes the realization that the fight turns out and nothing.

In the fight for the family fortune, can’t do it alone. There is even a saying: “one man is no man”. It quite accurately reflects the essence of family life. In creating strong and friendly relations, both spouses must participate. Otherwise to achieve results impossible. Tying their lives, people have to take care of and support her. Sometimes it happens that only one person is trying to make every effort to create a strong family. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

The first thing should always remember the wife – respect for the individual. Without mutual respect it is difficult to reach an understanding. Respecting each other, people take into account what may offend or please. Try to be attentive and always interested in the opinion of his life partner on all important matters.

Such attention will not go unnoticed and will only strengthen the trust. Taking decisions alone, there is every chance to cause deep resentment, which will become a wall in the relationship. And what kind of unity can you think if everyone acts in their own way, not considering the opinion of a loved one.

For families just need to spend as much time together. Stay in the Park or a family dinner, movie, Hiking.

To share through conversation their experiences, problems, happy events, important news. All this is the best impact on cohesion. Interested in life partner, the second half becomes an integral part of the events. At the right moment, knowing what the problem is, you can give advice or just listen. Because people sometimes need to be simply listened to and treated with understanding to their experiences.

No matter how strong personality next. Everyone needs support and understanding, kindness. Because a friend, in order to help, sometimes you just have to be there, to show that in difficult times will not leave him alone.

If the family had children, remember their memories. Never fighting in front of the kids, the parents will provide them with comfortable conditions for personal development. Child’s sure that his parents – an example of ideal relationships in his future family. Finding a compromise and avoiding conflict situations, you can help your children to understand what should be their happy family.

In difficult times we must remember that the family created on the basis of mutual feelings, which must be protected. They form the basis of the relationship and the Foundation of a strong, cohesive and happy family.

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