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Experts advised how long to keep the tan

Эксперты посоветовали, как надолго сохранить загарSome great ways.

When first returning to the office from vacation to turn from tanned girl in snow white offered a few trouble-free ways to extend your tan skin.


You just heard about carrots, which prolongs and strengthens the tan. But there are other products that positively affect it. Salmon, eggs, spinach and apricots.


A simple and reliable way to fix a tan – Solarium. Immediately after a holiday or a weekend under the sun, visit the Solarium after a day on pritajeni of the week: 3-4 times.

It’s enough to see the tan stayed for a month, then it can be maintained sometimes hikes in the Solarium once a week.


The sun can wash out the ugly pieces, or lose still an attractive shade.

Because the skin is better to do a light scrub. Tan best aligns and supports scrub of ground coffee.


There are special creams-the extenders that prolong the effect of a tanned skin for long. They are sold in beauty shops and pharmacies.

Homemade recipes

You can not spend money on expensive creams. For this times a day, wipe the body with a decoction of chamomile, and to do face mask from the tomato, leaving it for 15 minutes

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