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Energy drinks: how effective are they

Энергетические напитки: насколько они эффективныThe main feature of modern life is a frantic pace that is not always possible to maintain.

We often don’t have time for a restful sleep and leaves no strength to think about your diet, given the busy pace of life.

In this regard, we increasingly looking for ways of getting quick energy that will help us to hold on until the end of the day or to survive until the next weekend. One of them is energy drinks that promise us inspire and give strength. But is it really?

Experts have tried to figure out how effective such drinks. They spoke about individual substances included in their composition, and determine whether they are able to make us Wake up and give you energy. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


The fruit of this vine growing in the Amazonian forests, contains 2 times more caffeine than coffee beans. So, if you see a part of energy drink guarana, you can be sure that a charge of vivacity for the next few hours you provided.


By itself, the glucuronolactone is produced in the human body and quite often found in the composition of energy drinks. Despite this wide distribution, the current research did not reveal a significant influence of this element on the increase energy.

B vitamins

Composed of refreshing drinks can often be found nicotinic or folic acid and other derivatives of vitamin B. They really are involved in energy metabolism, but the result will notice only those who have a lack of vitamins of this group.


The presence of caffeine in all energy drinks is not by accident. It really stimulates the Central nervous system, helping us to cheer up and feel better. But keep in mind that from a Cup of strong espresso effect will be no worse than from a bottle purchased drink.


Taurine belongs to the group of organic amino acids. It is produced in human tissues, and can also come from food. Taurine is necessary for proper functioning of the body, but no evidence that it positively affects our health, no.


Almost all energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar. This is logical, because glucose is the main source of quick energy. But don’t get too excited, because after a sharp increase in energy usually occurs drowsiness and fatigue. In addition, any sweet drinks is empty calories, which over time can lead to weight gain.


L-carnitine — is an amino acid that is synthesized in the body. It really helps to reduce fatigue and increase endurance. However, in the popular energy drinks, the concentration of this amino acid is too small, so you can notice the effect. If your body needs additional power, it is better to buy liquid L-carnitine in sports nutrition store.

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