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Effective solutions of “new year’s” hangover and fume

Эффективные методы устранения "новогоднего" похмелья и перегараThe experts shared valuable advice with those who are overcome hangover after the New year, and your breath stinks of booze.

New year’s eve and 1 January is behind us, and a headache from a hangover and terrible breath still not back down? These unpleasant phenomena can be explained ineradicable greed and addiction to alcohol, but on the other hand – what’s done is done and now more importantly, how to get rid of them, not to find the reason why you have a census or even poisoned alcohol.

On 2 January to become cheerful, to eliminate signs of a hangover and fume?

More to drink. Of course, we are not talking about alcoholic beverages. Experts recommend drinking natural brines with tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and berry fruit drinks and lactic acid drinks. It turns out that all of the liquid to effectively clean the body of toxins and decomposition products of alcohol.The same applies to plain water. So after the New year, these drinks will definitely come in handy.

Coffee. This drink has valuable properties:

1) a mild laxative effect, thereby gently cleaned the blood;

2) elimination of unpleasant breath from the mouth, in than coffee can be used as a good flavoring, destroying smell;

3) caffeine helps to Wake up.

Do exercises or go Jogging. Any physical activity increases sweating, and when you have a hangover – that you need to through the pores of the body out of toxic substances.

To take a warm shower. Water procedure wash your body with remnants of sweat, which contains decomposition products of all the alcohol, which was adopted on new year’s eve. After taking a shower you will feel a surge of strength and energy.

To sleep. The majority of Ukrainians rested only on 1 January, so today a went to work and not enough sleep. For the lucky and the second of January they were at home – you can even need a good night’s sleep. Even a headache from a hangover is able to eliminate a two-hour sleep.

Breakfast. The morning meal after the New year usually includes fatty and high-calorie dishes that remained from the night, but this January 1st and 2nd should have Breakfast foods and meals that will cleanse the bowel, liver, and blood vessels and will allow you to get quick relief from signs of a hangover. It can be oatmeal, a fruit salad, a smoothie with natural yoghurt, cottage cheese with raisins and green tea, vegetable salad with olive oil and lemon juice.

These tips will be useful to many people after celebrating the New year, but doctors remind that abusing alcohol, you must be careful and not often otherwise banal hangover and booze will seem like nothing compared to diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart and blood vessels, which leads to an overabundance of alcohol.

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