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Effective folk remedy for cleansing the body

Эффективные народные средства для очищения организмаDetox the body – is a kind of unloading, which will help you to feel lighter and healthier.

We often need some kind of date to begin with…to lose weight, eat right, exercise, etc. Let it be 1 June.

If you agree, further, the ways that will help to cleanse the body ready for the summer.

Jesse Lucatorto coach alternative medicine does not believe that the cleansing should be done on certain foods to eliminate toxins through the digestive system. For him, detox is a lifestyle change that eliminates the toxins through the liver and kidneys, reduces headaches, anxiety, depression, and joint pain.

If you want to start the summer season on a healthy note, then further advice from the expert:

Lemon juice with water and turmeric
Surely you have heard that the morning is helpful to start with warm lemon water on an empty stomach. This drink is able to bring mucus from the digestive tract, cheer up and improve digestion. And the expert Jesse Lucatorto, advises to add a little turmeric, then you get a drink that is also able to stimulate the enzymes, cleansing the liver. The fact is that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, lemon is a perfect taste combination.

Bath with Epsom salts
Never heard of this? She reminds us the usual table, but bitter to the taste.

To “pull out” toxins through the bath, the expert advises to take a 30 minute bath. Due to the content of magnesium ions and sulfur salt has a different effect on the body: cleanses, rejuvenates, softens, has an antibacterial effect, and the warm water will ease the pain in joints and muscles.

Diet for two weeks
To clean the body, it is recommended to sit on a 2-week diet that involves mostly eating whole (fresh) vegetables. If baked fruit and vegetables, try not to break their structure: do not peel and cut. For example. Beets can be baked in foil, drizzle with a little olive oil. Potatoes enough to wash, add spices and send in the oven.

Dry skin brushing
Before you take a shower or go to bed, the expert recommends dry brushing your body is the process of “brushing” dry skin brush with natural bristles towards the heart. A kind of massage. While this procedure is known to improve the skin’s appearance, Jesse says that it is also effective in stimulation of the lymphatic system and in turn eliminates toxins. Although there is sufficient evidence that dry brushing can cleanse the body. In any case, the skin is beautiful.

Dandelion tea
Tea made from dandelion, which consists of the roots of plants, lots of antioxidants as well as vitamin C and vitamin A, detoxifiere the liver and helps with hydration and electrolyte balance.

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