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Doctors told why you should do morning exercises

Медики рассказали, почему стоит делать по утрам зарядкуFollowing these insights you will zahochetsya to start in the morning.

To perform the exercise you need in the morning, in order to fully Wake up and as soon as possible to bring the body in tone.

And that exercise will help you in this. If you are unable to force yourself to go for a morning jog – complete an exercise right at home.

But do not forget that the real result from your morning exercise you will see only then, when the charge is regular.

When you physical exercise in the morning follow these simple rules:

– charge on an empty stomach – before Breakfast and cups of coffee. After you Wake up you can drink non-carbonated water;

– most of the exercises should consist of warm up and stretching. Strength exercises – not the best option;
– the charging time is not as important as its regularity;

– fix the result from the charging and contrast showers are useful nutritious Breakfast.

A universal set of exercises for morning exercises:

1. Start your morning exercises with walking. Walk in a circle waving his arms in different directions, 2-3 minutes. Then 1 minute jog in one place, at the same time – lift the knees high.

2. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, hands placed on hips. First lower your head to the right, then left, sure that the shoulders remained motionless, then lower your head forward and backward. Make a tilt of the head in each direction 10-15 times.

3. Starting position is the same: make a circular motion of the head. First, turn the head clockwise, then counterclockwise. In each direction, do 10-15 laps.

4. The initial position remains the same, only extend hands forward. Make circular rotation of the hands 10-15 times in one and the other side, then do the rotation in the elbow joints, also 10-15 times in the two sides and go to rotate the hands in the shoulder joints.

5. Stay in its original position, raise your hands up in the castle. Make the slopes to the side. First, lean to the right, then do the slopes of the left, feel the muscles. In each direction, perform the exercise 10-15 times.

6. From this position lean forward. Leaning to the right leg, imagine that you have between your legs scattered matches “collecting” them, slowly proceed to the left leg, return to starting position. Do 10-15 of tilt in each direction.

7. Starting position: feet on width of shoulders, hands in the castle behind head, elbows allotted in different directions. Try to the right knee reach your left elbow and Vice versa. Do exercise 10-15 times for each leg.

8 Squats: keep the back straight, do 10-15 squats.

9. Stand up straight, put one foot on the toes and make circular movements with the foot. Do 15-20 times with one leg and many other.

10. Do some push-UPS, preferably 15-20 times. Girls can do pushups from his knees.

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