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Doctors told who is bad to drink green tea

Медики рассказали, кому вредно пить зеленый чайThat green tea is very useful, yet know our ancestors.

It was used not so much as a drink, as a means for treatment. However, the use of green tea has its contraindications.

Despite the usefulness of the product, there is still a number of contraindications for its use. This is especially true of people suffering from low pressure. In this case, green tea can be brewed at low concentration, loosely. Not green tea and people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gout, overly excitable nervous system. Not recommended this product and young children. Also, do not go to extremes and drink a lot. Otherwise, the harm to the green tea will manifest as kidney stones and malfunction of the liver.

The harm to the green tea in most cases when brewed an overly strong drink. In order to feel its beneficial effects, enough to drink a day 1-2 servings slabozavarennogo drink per day.

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