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Doctors told what to do, if you can’t sleep

Медики рассказали, что делать, если вы не можете уснутьEffective advice from experts in their field.

Healthy sleep – a pledge of beauty and health. But not everyone suffered from insomnia, which is a performance loss, deteriorating mood and health.

These 5 tips will help you to overcome insomnia and ensure a sound sleep throughout the night.

Kiwi, banana and cherry juice

Cherry juice contains large amounts of melatonin, which helps to fight insomnia. Drink two glasses of juice during the day. It is this amount of juice will undoubtedly increase the duration of sleep for 90 minutes.

Banana and kiwi a lot of magnesium and potassium, which has a positive effect on sleep. Eat one of these fruits is during the day.

Soothing cosmetics

Take a bath with lavender oil or use cream with extract of this plant. Lavender soothes skin, and its aroma relieves anxiety and acts as a natural sleeping pill.


Sometimes the problem with insomnia lies in your bed. Try changing the mattress for a softer, change the cushion to experiment with lighting or linens.

Gadgets for the benefit of sleep

Scientists strongly recommend not loading the eyes before going to sleep blue light that comes from computer screens and phones.

Better use your gadget as audiobooks at night. Or download applications that will help you to meditate before going to sleep.

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Fantasize before going to sleep

Pick a bedtime: pretend you are on the ocean, hear the waves and the cry of gulls, or walk in a quiet forest. Visualize something that you enjoy, it’ll relax you and soon you will be asleep.

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