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Doctors told what is the main danger and cakes

Медики рассказали, в чем главная опасность тортов и пирожныхOn 20 July the world celebrates international day of the cake.

But should celebrate with caution – a lot of sweets contain hazardous substances.

According to doctors, a part of components of cakes and pastries are slowly killing the human body. To dangerous in the composition of the sweets are: sugar, margarine, starch and food additives.

In particular, the starch blocks the absorption of vitamins and minerals. And this can lead to the development of thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism.

Margarine, confectionery products often contain TRANS fats, the accumulation of which in human body can lead to the development of allergies, infertility and cancer.

And food additives often cause digestive disorders, diseases of the liver and kidneys. Impurities and dyes can also cause dermatitis, and degenerative changes in the brain.

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