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Doctors told the whole truth about diet bread

Врачи рассказали всю правду о диетических хлебцахToday on store shelves you can find the most different bread.

But nutritionists warn that if some of them do belong to the category of useful products, others may harm the health.

Types of bread

Anyone who wants to lose weight, it is better to eliminate from the diet yeast bread from white and totally emasculated in the process of flour – benefit from such bread the body gets almost none, only the unnecessary quick carbohydrates and calories. The best substitute for yeast breads are bread, even though nutritionists warn that fond of bread is not worth it, and anyway, they need to understand.

Buckwheat bread is useful for diabetic full of people and those who have identified anemia;
Oats are recommended for people prone to colds, neurodermatitis, having kidney disease, skin problems;
Rice cakes need to enter into the diet of those who suffer from insomnia, diseases of the nervous system;
Wheat, barley cakes are useful in problems of the gastrointestinal tract;
Multicereal (a mixture of flour of different crops) is allowed without exception.

You need to keep in mind that manufacturers often enter into the composition of various additives breads – bran or crushed cereals, sprouted grains, lecithin, calcium, seaweed, iodine, carrot, carotene, garlic, raisins, dill. Depending on the additives bread may not be just a dietary product, but also therapeutic. The breads, which have more curative and preventive orientation, must be treated especially carefully – their use is limited, moreover, nutritionists recommend not to eat them all without exception.

And another important point. Before buying packages of bread you need to carefully examine the product to identify possible natural additives: flavorings, GMOs, flavour enhancers.

The most useful bread

Bread replenish the body’s reserves of easily digestible protein, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, bread is a major source of fiber, which stimulates our intestines to work, is an excellent environment for reproduction of beneficial microorganisms and toxins from the body. 100-150 grams of bread contains as much fiber as two and a half pounds of cabbage or six loaves of rye bread.

Note: bread can not be used for children up to 2-3 years, because organisms such young children have not yet adapted to such a rough diet.

But of those that experts on healthy eating recommended adults, the most useful bread is whole-grain breads, which are prepared by extrusion. For the preparation of crispbread of extrusion apparatus used in the extruder, and the technology of manufacturing such a product is that the manufacturer simply cannot put in raw materials harmful additives – no fat, no starch, no yeast, no sugar, no preservatives with dyes.

Therefore, extrusion breads contain only grains and cereals. First preparing a wet mixture of beans, which is soaked from an hour to 12 hours, in order to rough shell is going soft. Then this mass is poured into an extruder, which was maintained for some time at very high pressure and very high temperature. In such conditions, the water soaked into the grain, instantly turns to steam – is that some kind of explosion.

Practically the same method of preparing known popcorn. But unlike popcorn grain for bread is placed in a small container, and the grains coalesce with each other forming a dense briquette. At the same time, due to the short period of baking, the nutrients of grains and cereals are stored in maximum number.
Calorie bread

The caloric content of bread is about 300 kcal. Too much, at first glance. But the breads are carriers of long carbohydrates, so it is easy absorbed by the body and at the same time give a feeling of satiety. In addition, they are rich in fiber which prevents the absorption of calories. That is, using a day 35 g of dietary fiber, you burn 245 calories. If you want to lose weight eat a day not more than 3-5 loaves from the company with a low fat cottage cheese, cheese, herbs, vegetables and berries.

Harmful breads

Breads that do not consist of well-marked whole grains, and are crispy-thin crackers, prepared exactly the same as regular bread. That is, knead the dough from flour, water, yeast, dry milk and spices, which is then rolled in layers and baked.

Bread of this type you should choose as carefully as possible, because their technology allows you to add in the dough almost anything. And if, for example, the manufacturer used devoid of vitamins and fiber flour, yeast, fat, sugar, salt, antioxidants and preservatives, the result for the figure we will receive more harmful bread, and not useful. Like bread, these breads will contain fast carbs, and the whole difference will consist only in the fact that the loaves will be slightly less moisture in the composition.

When buying bread, read the label carefully. Nuts are made from whole grain flour or wheat flour, without yeast (only baking soda), preferably with added seeds (flax, sunflower, sesame). You also need to look at the product label, the icon indicating that he is certified and safe for consumption. This applies to both domestic and imported bread.

And a perfect bread should be dry, crisp, well break, do not crumble, have a uniform color.

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