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Doctors told than gold bad for men’s health

Медики рассказали, чем золото вредно для мужского здоровьяMetallic gold non-toxic.

For more than three millennia of gold in the human society is considered to be one of the most valuable metals. From it for centuries produced coins, jewelry, the attributes of the Supreme power, weapons and horse harness. Today items and jewelry created from this metal are a sign of consistency. That’s just scientists warn that the wearing of gold jewelry can be dangerous to health, and especially it adversely affects men.

In the search for drugs against severe pathologies, modern medicine often opens up new diseases, which previously nothing was known. It would seem like maybe gold to hurt people when and today there are methods of treatment with compounds of this metal?

However, even in the VI century, in the collection of hadith – traditions about the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad, it was said that wearing Golden ring men is Haram (forbidden). But the Prophet allow women to dress in silk and adorn themselves with gold. As you know, any religion is a code of rules of life, and they are all designed to protect people from premature death. And in this sense, this Islamic law was right.

A few years ago doctors from the private research at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, revealed a strange pattern. Men who are taking wearing a gold engagement ring over 10 years, are more likely to seek medical assistance, complaining of a lack of erection and primary male infertility. It turns out that over time the precious metal begins to oxidize and highlight the products in a chemical reaction.

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Even a fraction of a milligram of gold oxide, regardless of the sample, once in the body, and disturb the function of male sex glands. But health ladies gold metal has no effect and because female reproductive system is better protected from such chemical influences. It turns out that the Muslims it has long been known.

Representatives of the all India Institute of homoeopathy, Mumbai, have also confirmed that gold has a negative impact on the health of men. First of all, they are not advised to wear gold jewellery masters-bodied, suffering from hypertension, as well as having an irritable nature and a tendency to depression.

Indian doctors are sure that these men accumulating on the skin gold salts are able to penetrate through the pores into the body, worsen the condition of blood vessel walls and generally have a negative impact on the overall psychological situation in their life. The women from wearing gold jewelry is not seen nor health problems, nor any other discomfort, and even more.

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Indian homeopaths believe that medicines with the addition of gold can stop acute and chronic metritis and fibroadenoma of the uterus, if the patient time to seek help.

Metallic gold toxic – this statement was recently made by scientists from the research centre sir Frederick Banting. Canada. It turns out the individual chemical compounds of gold over time can accumulate in the liver, kidney, hypothalamus and spleen.

Canadian doctors several years conducted an analysis and found that men – owners of gold jewelry, often develop contact dermatitis. In some cases, the gold is causing the sensitization of the whole body, but among all affected a similar allergic reaction, men are still twice more than women.

Scientists believe that this is due to hormonal system, and the male body is more susceptible to the adverse effects of this metal. For women, it also affects, in particular, slows down some metabolic processes, which are expressed by partial intestinal obstruction and weight gain.

But the ladies rarely associate these phenomena with the wearing of gold jewelry that they also often change, unlike men, are generally more conservative in their preferences and habits.

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