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Doctors told how to prevent diabetes

Медики подсказали, как уберечься от диабета5 steps on how to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Most people know that overeating, sedentary lifestyle, Smoking, stress are all steps on the way to such a dangerous disease as diabetes. Rejection of them significantly reduces the risks. But from time to time in the media there are reports of a rather unusual ways of reducing the likelihood of diabetes.

Sponge for excess fat
With the development of obesity in the abdominal area, thighs the fat deposits are formed. In fact, fat is not just a “warehouse”, but a real endocrine organ that synthesizes hormones and is involved in the metabolism of glucose and insulin. And the more fat, the worse the body controls the metabolic processes occurring in it.

Scientists from the University of South Carolina implanted mice with obesity directly in the thickness of their fat reserves polymeric sponges, that have started to sprout blood vessels, to be filled immune and fat cells. This has facilitated the interaction of the body with overgrown fat reserves to regain control of them, and-most important – to reduce the level of glucose in the blood. Mice continued to receive enhanced fatty diet. After 3 weeks revealed that animals implanted with the sponge got fat by only 10%, but their muscles were 60% more protein than normal mice with the same diet, which gained 30%. Scientists are already making plans for the creation of such polymeric sponges with bioactive molecules to increase the efficiency of the implant.

Omega-6 fatty acids and diabetes
It is believed that excessive amounts of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet increases the risk of development of various inflammatory processes and, as a consequence, chronic conditions. However, researchers from Australia analyzed data from 40 thousand people from around the world, paying attention to the incidence of diabetes, and to the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids. Discovered an amazing thing: those who received food with more linoleic acid, 35% less likely to have been sick with type 2 diabetes than people with a minimal amount of the same omega-6 fatty acids in the diet. Linoleic acid our body can not produce. It is found in some animal fats and various vegetable oils.

Mushrooms as food for beneficial bacteria
Mushrooms – another means to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Experiments on mice, some of which received fungi, and some not, have shown that their regular consumption leads to an active reproduction of microorganisms Prevotella. And these bacteria in the course of their life produce a salt of succinic acid (succinates) and salts of propionic acid (propionates). These compounds affect genes that are involved in glucose metabolism in the human body. In fact, the mushrooms in this case represent prebiotics – substances that positively influencing the bacteria. If similar results can be obtained for people who are overweight or obese, the mushrooms can be recommended not only people with diabetes but also for those who are prone to the disease them.

Milk for Breakfast
Canadian researchers demonstrated that to reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 it is necessary to have your Breakfast with milk. A team of volunteers at the request of scientists Breakfast cereal with milk, but different species which differed from each other by the concentration of casein and whey protein, as well as their quantity. The participants of the experiment in the control group received water and a product that replaces milk with a minimum content of proteins. It turned out that the best protection from diabetes will host a Breakfast with milk, where lots of protein and lots of carbohydrates. In this case, the level of glucose decreased the most. Scientists point out that the best option for diabetics and for people with prediabetes will drink for Breakfast a quart of milk. Cereal – not mandatory.

According to studies, proteins contained in milk stimulate the process of hormone that reduce the feeling of hunger and slowing down the digestive processes. And the more of these proteins, the lower the glucose level falls in blood plasma, even if Breakfast is rich in carbohydrates. It should also be recalled that, according to recent studies, milk fat is not a risk factor for heart disease and blood vessels.

Bread and pasta as prevention of diabetes
Recently, Danish researchers made quite a sensational statement that in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, you can use the bread and pasta, but only whole grains. This conclusion they made on the results of 15 years of observations and surveys 55 thousand of his countrymen in the age of 50-65 years. It turned out that the constant presence in the diet of whole grains reduced the risk of developing diabetes in the elderly by 7% for women and 11% for men. What’s the secret of whole grain products, scientists can not yet explain. But the fact remains: who ate frequently, that were less likely to be in the group of diabetics. Scientists suggest daily consume 3-4 servings of bread, rice, pasta.

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