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Doctors told how to cope with a hangover

Медики подсказали, как грамотно справиться с похмельемAlcohol intoxication is a dangerous condition that requires adequate treatment.

The hangover – a condition caused by toxic effects of alcohol on the body. Unfortunately, many are frivolous hangover. In fact, alcohol intoxication is a dangerous condition that requires adequate treatment.

How does the hangover: symptoms and their causes

With a hangover it’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance. This is a complex of disorders of the body that occur after alcohol consumption. Here are a few signs of excessive alcohol consumption, because of which the person becomes ill:

– Poisoning. The alcohol in the body undergoes a series of transformations. In particular, it turns into acetaldehyde, which is further transformed into other toxic substances. For acetaldehyde, the cells lose the ability to oxidize other substances that accumulate in the body, thus poisoning him. In addition, you need to understand that in addition to alcohol, alcoholic beverages contain lots of other harmful substances (especially low-quality vodka, home brew and moonshine). For example, fusel and essential oil that is highly toxic to the liver. In this sense, toxicologists and doctors are encouraged to use only high-quality alcohol.

– Imbalance of fluids. With a strong hangover the person develops dehydration. Due to lack of circulating blood volume appears dry-heaving in my mouth. The person experiences intense thirst. Note that the main reason is not the shortage, namely the imbalance of fluid. Heavy intoxication occurs pathological redistribution of blood.

– Disruption of metabolic processes. In alcoholic poisoning the body expends a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, which adversely affects the metabolism in the body.

– Disturbance of acid-base balance. This is the main reason why a hangover occurs nausea and vomiting, and breathing quickens.

– Hypersensitivity (irritability). Alcohol and acetaldehyde have a negative effect on nerve cells, causing the nervous system becomes hypersensitive. That is why even the slightest sounds or light can cause a painful reaction. It seems that all too loud and bright.

– Sleep disturbance. Alcohol disrupts sleep, as prevents the appearance of REM sleep. Namely, during these periods, people are gaining strength, and therefore without normal REM sleep cannot sleep well and relax. In this regard, even if after consuming large quantities of alcohol people sleep 8-9 hours, it is still not getting enough sleep, and feels “broken”.

What not to do when hungover

There are some things not recommended with a hangover, namely:

– To drink alcohol. The most common way to handle a hangover is to drink alcohol, that is “fight fire with fire”. And really, after drinking alcohol man with a hangover becomes much easier. However, in this case cycle that leads to alcoholism. So the man goes into the bout with all the adverse consequences.

– Take a bath or go to bath. In alcoholic intoxication the heart works with the raised loading, therefore, the high temperature only exacerbates this condition. But if you have cardiovascular disease, the risk of getting serious complication.

– Drinking coffee or hot tea. In this case again is a big burden on the heart. Coffee increases your heartbeat and enhances the dryness of the mouth. As for the tea, this drink causes fermentation in the stomach, which increases the feeling of intoxication. With hangover from those drinks should be abandoned.

How to ease a hangover

Some basic guidelines that should be followed if you drank too much:

– Get enough sleep. Sleep as long as you don’t leave the feeling of sleepiness. The main thing here is the drowsiness not to be confused with fatigue. Unfortunately, after drinking you will not be able to properly relax, so will feel “not at ease”.

– Drink mineral water. Stock up on mineral water. Also the course will compotes and natural juices. These drinks will help from dehydration and loss of vitamins and minerals.

– Take a warm shower. And better contrast, but not hot.

– Take activated charcoal. This will help you to neutralize the effect of toxic substances that will prevent the poisoning of the body.

– Take aspirin. If you have a hangover headache, you can help aspirin (provided you have no stomach problems).

– Eat eggs. In the egg a lot of useful amino acids, which are useful for our liver.

– Get some fresh air. Take a walk in the Park, or at least open the window and get some air. When lung ventilation improves metabolism and eliminates bad breath.

Common myths about hangovers and alcoholic beverages

From mixing alcohol and energy drinks you become drunker. It’s not true. In fact, the caffeine in energotoniki, negates the sedative effect of alcohol, making the person drink more.

Important the sequence and variety of drinks. It is important the amount of alcohol consumed. And bad feeling that arises when you change the drink arises from the fact that you drink too fast.

– To reduce the risk of a hangover is possible if you take aspirin or other pills. Before you start drinking to take the pills makes no sense, because until a person will start to have a headache, the effect of drugs disappears.

– Alcohol kills brain cells. It is not so. Alcohol has harmful effects on dendrites – processes of nerve cells, which in turn affects coordination.

Remember that you have to comply with the measure. A glass of dry wine a day will not cause you any harm (unless contraindicated), and many doctors believe that it is even useful. Here the main thing – not to abuse.

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