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Doctors told how much to consume of liquids per day

Медики рассказали, сколько нужно потреблять жидкости в деньPrevention of kidney stones: the correct drinking regime

How much to consume fluid at rest, during exercise, to avoid dehydration, to eliminate the preconditions for the development of urolithiasis? For each person, set an individual drinking regime. If we are talking about young people, it is recommended that during exercise, consume at least 2.5–3 liters of fluid a day.

If we are talking about older people, especially those who have heart problems or are obese, even at low loads it is necessary to consider the daily urine. If a person secretes 1.5 liters of water, so it is possible to drink 1,5, 1,6, 1,8 liters. If the patient is with difficulty distinguishes 1,2–1 liter, that means we need to decrease the exercise load and gradually to train him for more drinking regime. Workouts can achieve great successes.

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After any physical activity (fitness, skiing, skating, Biking) it is necessary to take a shower and drink hot tea, maybe even sweet, if no diabetes.

To control yourself, there is a very simple technique. Need literally to try a taste to lick himself. If the skin will be very salty, sweat is salty, so the loss of sodium were very significant. Maybe even in the morning need to use salt products, such as a piece of cheese, a slice of herring with black bread, to the thirsty and the man was able to recover the salt loss that has occurred.

Dehydration can occur not only in the case if the person did a quick workout and not drinking enough water or just drank a little during the day. There is another provoking factor for kidneys – high temperature.

The accumulation of toxic products in the body, and the kidneys need to allocate them. If not a good drinking regime, it will not be filtered urine, and if not will be filtered urine, toxic products are deposited and cause intoxication.

At high temperature it is necessary to conduct detoxication therapy, and this drink 400, 500, 600 grams of liquid per hour. Assume that the temperature 39, 38.5 °C, so it is necessary to drink 1.5–2 liters for 5-6 hours in small portions, but be sure to drink and release urine.

The acidic drink is not recommended because toxic products acidification of the body. Don’t drink lemon water, you can’t eat tangerines, oranges. It is better to drink tea with milk, it is better to drink “Borjomi”, dried fruit compote, that is put into the water alkaline water. Because it is necessary to withdraw acidic valences, which accumulate at high temperature.

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