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Doctors told about the most effective way to combat the autumn Blues

Медики рассказали о самом эффективном способе борьбы с осенней хандрой The spleen is a delicate matter.

Experts tell how to deal with the autumn Blues. In order not to lose all the positive and not fall into melancholy, you need to follow five simple rules, according to with reference to TSN.

The first rule is to Wake up early

One of the main reasons the autumn-winter depression – lack of sunlight. Doctors believe that the key to defeating boredom with daily morning walk. Should be on the street at least 30 minutes between 6 and 10:00 a.m. – that’s when sunlight is at its brightest.

The second rule is to gather with friends

Communication is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. Those who regularly finds time to communicate with friends and family, feel more happy. Nice to meet You people need to at least once a week.

The third rule is the goal

Psychologists advise to start to set yourself a goal for something light and, of course, to achieve it. For example, to read a book or clean the closet. When will cope with the task and feel the taste of victory, it will be possible to set as a goal something more serious – yoga or the study of foreign languages.

The fourth rule is to take someone you love

During physical contact with a loved one increases the production of stress hormone. Such medical findings.

Fifth rule – a hobby

Remember what brings You the greatest pleasure, and promise yourself to devote to his hobby for at least half an hour a day. Then You definitely will feel that life has become brighter.

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