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Doctors told about the benefits of mulberry

Медики рассказали о пользе шелковицыEverything you need to know about the mulberry.

Each of us have sinned in early childhood eating mulberries straight from the tree. We are “inveterate” jumped up and ate kilos this wild berry stain it like crazy, but it was delicious. The rest doesn’t matter. It turns out that in that crazy time, we accidentally switched to HLS, after all, the mulberry turned out to be very useful and necessary for us.

Let’s look at why accessible and familiar to us from childhood mulberry actually a great and helpful friend.

Than beneficial mulberry?

In the composition of the well-known and banal to us, mulberry is a huge amount of vitamin C, vitamin b and A. you can Also find calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. This little berry is excellent strengthens the immune system and improves our body’s ability to fight diseases. And he mulberry juice has strong anti-inflammatory effect, so it is very important for the treatment of infections and colds.

In turn, the decoction of mulberry leaf helps fight bronchitis and pneumonia, as if rinsing his throat, it is possible to get rid of a sore throat. The actual mulberry leaves in the treatment of skin diseases: they help to fight eczema, rheumatism and skin tuberculosis.

To drink a decoction of the roots and the bark of the mulberry is recommended for people who suffer from asthma and hypertension. By the way, the ointment from the bark of the mulberry allows you to cope with wounds and bruises.

Calorie mulberry

It is not necessary to use a mulberry as a permanent food, and even more, to lose weight on it, but as a diet snack it good. The calorie content of mulberries is 50 cal per 100 grams (but be careful, it is comprised almost entirely of carbohydrates).

Harmful than mulberry?

Mulberry, of course, quite useful, but dangerous. First, it is not recommended to overeat. Any way to anyone. Even the strong of body can any side effects from drinking mulberry in too large quantities: from indigestion to the rebirth of man-the mulberry.

Also not recommended much to get involved mulberry to those who suffer from hypertension and diabetes. And those who are prone to allergies

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