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Doctors told about the benefits and risks of a head MRI

Врачи рассказали о преимуществах и рисках МРТ головыLike any other study of the brain, MRI may not be safe.

To date, magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most accurate non-invasive studies, through which the doctor can accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment. You can receive it in the diagnostic centre Tomogram of professional radiologists on a modern high field devices of the latest generation.

The main feature of MRI is that with its help, the doctor can identify the disease of the brain, which is impossible to determine on ultrasound, computer tomography or x-rays.

The advantages of magnetic resonance imaging:

– the patient is not exposed to ionizing radiation;

MRI to diagnose brain disease at an early stage of development;

is the most sensitive method for diagnosis of cancerous tumors;

– with magnetic resonance therapy at the center “Tomogram” use of contrast material that does not cause allergic reactions in patients as often as for example in computer tomography;

– details to see the condition of the blood vessels of the brain the radiologist enough to hold magnetic resonance angiography, with those without contrast material;

– today, the doctor can determine the degree of brain functioning, even at a very early stage of the development of stroke.

Risks of MRI, which is much inferior to the advantages of this method of diagnosis of diseases of the brain, but still have a place to be:

– if the patient is taking sedatives, MRI can occur in overdose, but watching him assistant radiographer;

– patients with various types of implants, which are metal, can wait for trouble on magnetic resonance imaging, it is therefore very important to inform your doctor about them in advance;

– rarely, but still there are allergic reactions in patients to the contrast material, particularly exposed to this risk of allergies;

– in patients with impaired renal function may develop nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, but this is only the case if they are administered a large dose of contrast material.

When MRI of the brain the patient must be completely immobile, and at the time of removing the image ideally it needs to hold my breath.

By the way, people with excess body mass is difficult to be screened by the MRI scanner so doctors recommend fight with excess weight as soon as it appears, and not to lead to some degree of obesity.

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