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Doctors ideas on how to speed up metabolism

Медики подсказали, как ускорить метаболизмIncreased consumption of water can lead to accelerated metabolism.

Despite the fact that most of the factors determining the metabolism, are beyond our control, something to accelerate it can still be done.

Drink more water

Water is the activator of biochemical processes in the human body. Her role in speed of a metabolism, in fact it is its Foundation. Lack of water slows down the metabolism. In case of lack of fluid in the body, the liver starts to consider their main task to fill its reserves, and not fat burning.

Some studies show that increased consumption of water can lead to accelerated metabolism. Describe the various reasons for this effect, but most often it is due to the fact that the body requires to heat the consumed water.

It is important to note that tea, coffee and fizzy drinks can not replace water to accelerate metabolism. Their effect is the opposite. Any drinks with a high content of caffeine lead to dehydration. Besides, these drinks contain a lot of sugar, which means they are high in calories. The calories obtained from sugar (and other simple carbohydrates) are absorbed in the body very quickly, but does not lead to saturation and thermal effects – minimal, and therefore they are the main enemy of weight loss. In addition, sugar increases the osmotic pressure in the cells of the body, which leads to greater loss of fluid. This does not mean that you need to give up coffee or tea, just have to remember that they are not substitutes for clear water.

Do not force yourself to drink a specific amount of water find for themselves a comfortable norm. It is often possible to meet recommendations to consume 2-3 liters of water a day, but more modern research shows that this volume is somewhat exaggerated, moreover, is not suitable for all people. Try to drink every day one glass of water more and you will quickly notice an improvement in their condition, and for two weeks determine your daily rate.

Try to drink not more than 300 ml of water at a time. Do not drink water during meals and immediately after, it hurts the digestive processes.

Eat more often

You pay attention to how children eat? Most of them prefer to eat often and little, as long as parents do not teach them to another frequency power. Research conducted recently in the United States, have shown that modern an adult eats on average 3.12 times a day. That is, with age we change useful and natural habit of eating small portions throughout the day to accepted in society three meals a day,
ignoring the recommendations of nutritionists to eat at least 5 times a day.

Scientists have proven that 1-2 meals a day and large portions increase the risk of obesity as many hours between meals give the body a signal about the onset of the “hungry time”, that slows down the process of metabolism.

Each new meal accelerates metabolism by 8-12 %, respectively, if you eat often, you keep your internal “furnace” is always enabled and burn more calories throughout the day.

Each meal increases the level of sugar in the blood, how much – depends on quality and quantity of the food. As digestion the sugar level starts to decrease and when it reaches quite low, we feel hunger, sometimes nausea and dizziness. Accordingly, if you rarely eat a lot, if you ride your body on a sugar roller coaster up and down, and if you stick to a fractional power mode – supports sugar at a constant level, giving neither fly too high nor fall below normal.

So, as paradoxical as it may sound, but in order to accelerate your metabolism and to lose weight, you need to eat often, but small portions.

Eat more protein

We have said that the digestion and processing of food the body uses about 10 % energy. This is the average for all nutrients figure. It is known that the least energy required to process carbohydrates and to digest protein. That is, increase the percentage of protein relative to other nutrients will increase the amount of calories spent on the thermic effect of food, and thus increases metabolic rate.

Our body needs a constant replenishment of amino acids, they need him to govern the functioning of the Central nervous system and brain. For the organism, these processes have the highest priority, therefore, to find that they do not have enough resources coming from outside, he begins to withdraw these resources from their own pantries. Storage of amino acids in the human body is muscles. When the body is more than three hours does not receive a portion of amino acids, the body begins to “eat” its own muscle. And muscle, as we remember, our main helper in the energy consumption and increasing the speed of metabolism.

In the case of weight loss best sources of protein are lean meat (chicken, Turkey, veal, fish), tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, buckwheat, and low-fat dairy products.

Pay particular attention to the Breakfast

For the metabolism of the main meal is Breakfast – it is in any case can not miss if you want to speed up the metabolism. We already know that every meal gives a boost to the metabolism, so the sooner you eat for the first time today, the sooner you will begin to burn calories throughout the day. A proper Breakfast is the key to a full energetic day.

While we sleep, our body continues its work, digesting the eaten for the last day, fueling the body tissue, internal organs, regenerating the cells. It is not surprising that especially in the morning, he needs food to replenish spent a night in the stocks.

It is important, what you will eat for Breakfast. The first meal consisting of fast carbohydrates (cakes, porridges of fast preparation), causing too much spike in blood sugar levels, and to compensate, the pancreas increases the production of insulin, the sugar level decreases rapidly, and again you feel hungry. Having the same amount of calories from nutrients that are recycled not so fast, namely from protein and complex carbohydrates will make you full longer and therefore eat less during the day.

Eat the right fats

Fatty fish (salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel, sardines), Flaxseed and canola oil, walnuts include a large number of essential acids omega-3. In our body, they regulate the level of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for the rate of fat burning. In addition to fat burning function, these fatty acids improve skin and hair.

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