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Doctors do not agree that separation of power is useful for health

Медики не согласны с тем, что раздельное питание полезно для здоровьяSeparation of power does not protect against excess weight.

Divide meat, vegetables or cereals on different techniques and do not mix products – it does not guarantee a slim figure, is more effective to control the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This was told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

According to the expert, can combine the products you need to properly, and not to make in your stomach, “the dump salad, meat, fish, mushrooms, sauce, cereal, and juice” (that’s the way it is, if you eat system the first+salad+second+compote). But the combination of meat-potatoes or meat-vegetables, rice-fish, fruit-milk product there is nothing bad, quite the contrary.

“Initially, recommendations for a separate feed can be found in the diet of Michel Montignac, who believed that obesity is a consequence of the fact that we combine the wrong products. The worst “sin” in his understanding, is to combine carbs with protein, i.e. meat to eat with porridge. Supposedly more useful for health and body is meat and vegetables, and cereals, for example, with greens. Common sense really was, because a large amount of food the body really long and hard to digest and to eat in one sitting 5-course – this is clearly overkill. It is no wonder that diet has a lot of fans, that’s just over time it became clear that all reset returns very quickly. Dieters are constantly hungry and annoyed, besides, many have problems with digestion. And all because the most slimming decided to donate cereals, and the preference for meat and fish dishes for lunch, Breakfast and dinner. Hence – broken skin (acne), constant heaviness in the stomach due to the abundance of meat. Salads is unable to compensate for the lack of carbohydrates in the cereals and cereals – they long to nourish the body with energy and saturated with valuable minerals,” – said the expert.

The doctor urged not to rush to extremes, as on one meat you can really quickly lose a few pounds. Exactly what offers to do and other well-known diet. But it will be a sick stomach, lack of trace elements, persistent pain and heaviness in the abdomen, problems with the heart and the pancreas, high cholesterol…

“Try to eat everything, but slowly. I do not recommend to eat at lunch entree, salad, porridge with meat on the second, compote and some kind of dessert, but to be limited only to meat or vegetables is not worth it. Try to do anyway – eat for lunch a bowl of your favourite soup, and for a few hours – meat with vegetables or salad. Or eat buckwheat porridge with fish, and in the afternoon eat your favorite fruit or drink yogurt. You will be fed, and the weight with this diet will quickly come back to normal. If you do not overeat, of course,” – said the expert.

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