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Doctors debunked the main myth decades about cholesterol

Медики развенчали главный миф десятилетия о холестеринеThe experts made a loud statement about the foods that contain large amount of cholesterol.

Power, wherein a substantial cholesterol, in spite of numerous claims, will not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. This conclusion was made by the Finnish scientists.

Experts from the University of Eastern Finland was invited to experiment with more than a thousand (1032) men aged 42 to 60 years, and tracked all changes in their health over the next 20 years. Over the years of observations 230 subjects suffered a myocardial infarction, although initially none of the participants had a history of any heart disease.

Having carefully studied the factors that contributed to the development of heart attack in people, the researchers came to the conclusion that this disease of the heart were different reasons, but not eating foods rich in cholesterol. “Correlation between development of ischemic heart disease, prior heart attacks, and eating habits of patients was absent,” stated the authors of the project.

Long known that cholesterol is of two types, often called “good” and “bad”, depending on the density of the lipoproteins. A few years ago, American researchers have issued a call to stop demonizing the so-called “bad” cholesterol, proving that the human body for the implementation of the healthy functions, it is necessary cholesterol is of two types.

“The desire to reduce the “bad cholesterol” can in the worst case to bring to death,” warned the experts.

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