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Doctors called the effective ways to overcome snoring

Медики назвали эффективные способы преодоления храпаWith snoring though every one of us have encountered in my life.

And how annoying it works. But did you know that snoring it’s nothing good, because often snoring can lead to a number of chronic diseases and ailments. So, to avoid such “intimate stimulus” as snoring, sometimes it is necessary to understand the reasons for its occurrence. Why do we snore and how to deal with it.

Snoring: causes

Takenaka Ikematsu – was one of the first who so thoroughly and long studied the nature of the snoring, and as a result earned the nickname “dad snoring”.

1. In the course of his research, namely for forty years, the doctor determined that the narrowing of the upper airway causes snoring. Because if you grow at least some soft tissue in the throat, it automatically leads to snoring. However, such data is not straightforward, because often you can meet people who have no disease, but the snoring does not cease to agitate them.

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2. Another cause of snoring is considered to be the reduction of muscle tone in the soft tissues of the pharynx. And it happens during the rapid phase of sleep, when muscles are most relaxed. And if a person sleeps on his back, then falls back, closing the upper respiratory tract. But only with time, the tone of the tissues of the pharynx becomes less elastic, stretchable and as a consequence leads to snoring.

3. Many doctors tend to argue that being overweight is the cause of snoring in people. Exactly Paul Sarrat now actively engaged in the study of snoring, and the influence of overweight on a person’s breath. One theory is that the fat is in the abdomen can push on the diaphragm, and compress the trachea. Placing such patients on a diet, he found that snoring decreased significantly. However, those people who have observed the snoring before they gained weight, weight loss in this case did not help.

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4. They say that substantial consumption of alcohol before bedtime, as Smoking, lead to the fact that falling asleep the muscles of the soft tissues of the pharynx relax, and stretch. And while Smoking the mucous membrane of the pharynx is increased because a significant amount of mucus. And this in turn leads to a reduction of the air passage. The use of antibiotics and sleeping pills are often the reason for snoring.

Snoring: prevention and treatment

The first thing that will offer a doctor to treat snoring is to quit Smoking, drink alcohol and sleep on the back. In short, a healthy lifestyle. After all, snoring is a serious disease that definitely need to fight. Sometimes people agree to surgery.

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In this case, the doctor reduces the soft palate, thereby improving air permeability.

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