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Doctors called the best products to rejuvenate the body

Медики назвали лучшие продукты для омоложения организмаDoctors have called the most effective diet against aging.

Swedish scientists conducted a study which showed that a certain type of food may contribute to the longevity of the human brain. How were able to see specialists, such a diet effectively protects against the development of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.

The authors of the project were scientists from the Karolinska Institute. Their study involved 2 223 people.

Scientists have found that to maintain health and a longer activity of the brain most effective diet on the principle of the so-called Nordic diet. It is an extremely minimal amount (up to failure) of red meat and sweets – base diet consists of berries and herbs, fish, vegetables and legumes. You can also have potatoes, eggs, cheese, low-fat milk, mushrooms, nuts, cereals, algae, poultry meat.

Researchers made observations and analyses showed that people who ate on this principle, had in old age a much lower probability of developing dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) than others.

The Nordic diet is also known as the Northern diet, or diet of the Vikings. Previously, scientists spoke about the food that it a great method for weight loss and maintain a stable weight and a slender figure. In 2014, “the American journal of clinical nutrition” researchers said: those who follow the Scandinavian diet, lose weight without the need for a sharp reduction in calories and almost do not feel hunger and need in sweet.

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