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Doctors called the best products, greatly extending the life

Медики назвали лучшие продукты, значительно продлевающие жизньThe doctors told what foods help you live longer.

Researchers from the UK reported that they were able to determine the list of products that can help extend the life.
It is reported by the with reference to health info.
It turned out that eating certain foods helps to increase life expectancy.
These are products that contain vital substances and nutrients, positively affecting the human immune system.
Scientists say that increasing life expectancy is first important to stimulate normal heart function, as the number of deaths from diseases on greatly increased. Thus, an important component of the diet should be the foods that contain substances that support the heart. Therefore, it is important to eat sea fish, which contains omega-3.
The researchers note that fish in General is the most important constituent of a healthy diet because due to the substances contained in fish, the organism can be maintained in a healthy condition long enough.
It is also important to include in the diet of different seeds along with nuts because they are good for the brain and organs.
In General, nuts are mandatory for proper nutrition since a positive impact on the work of all organs and helps to maintain the body in a state of cheerfulness.
For General health improvement it is also important to replace the sunflower oil in the olive oil — this will help to improve the function of blood vessels.

It is also important to add in the diet of brown rice together with buckwheat and oatmeal, as well as all versions made from whole grain crops. These products are important for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

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