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Doctors advised how to overcome morning fatigue

Медики посоветовали, как преодолеть утреннюю усталостьMany people who Wake up tired and unrefreshed, I would like to know about how to beat morning fatigue.

This problem can severely damage our lives. There are tips that can help to deal with it naturally.

What is the reason of morning fatigue?

Fatigue in the morning could bother us for various reasons. There are many factors that can cause this condition:

Intense pace of life, nervous tension and stress.
Improper diet and deficiency of nutrients in the body.
A sedentary way of life.
Bad habits.
Wrong hotel.

Now you know what tips help you to win the morning’s fatigue and that you need to pay attention.

1. To improve your stay

In order to Wake up in the morning rested, you must first make sure that your night is a truly deep and rejuvenating.

Maybe that and the hidden roots of your problems.

Look carefully to his bedroom:

Should it be in a quiet place.

It should not get light because even a small amount of light can disrupt melatonin production — the sleep hormone.

Before sleep you need to unplug all electrical appliances.

The temperature should be neither too high nor too low.

The bedroom should be neat and clean. Do not fill it with a large number of items.

She needs good ventilation. Remember to ventilate the bedrooms during the day.

To create a relaxing environment can use the appropriate essential oils, such as lavender oil or chamomile.

Finally, before bedtime take a hot shower.

2. To cope with stress

Stress is a serious enemy to our health. They cause disorders in various vital processes of our body, with the result that we have a variety of diseases and disorders. Weakened due to stress, the body ceases to defend himself properly.

Stress is often accompanied by insomnia and sleep disorders. Because of this we feel tired not only in the morning, but also throughout the day.

To manage stress will help you with proper nutrition. You may need to take vitamin complexes to strengthen the immune system. Because of this you can avoid shortage of nutrients in the body.

Of course, this alone will not be enough. The most important thing is to change the rhythm of your life and prioritize it.

3. Perform medium intensity

Quite difficult to rest well at night if we are not tired during the day. It is not about intellectual strain, and physical effort.

Modern man is increasingly suffering from intellectual exhaustion, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

It is therefore recommended to devote time to physical exercise of moderate exercise 2-3 times a week. The first day you will be able to notice changes for the better.

4. Correctly for dinner

It is recommended to dine early and make dinner a light meal to all the digestive processes have been completed before bedtime.

This habit will give you a good stay in our liver and gall bladder. As a result, you will greet the morning with lots of energy and in good health.

Hearty dinners are forcing our body to direct all its energy digesting food. In the end, we could not recuperate after a hard day.

5. To prepare a nutritious Breakfast

If you want to beat morning fatigue, be sure to pay attention to your Breakfast. It needs to become your priority.

Some of us out of the house after a Cup of coffee and I feel fine. Others take a full and nutritious Breakfast that includes carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Such a Breakfast can fill us with energy for the whole next day.

It is recommended to include in your Breakfast ingredients such as:

Fresh fruits and vegetables. You can eat them separately or cook the natural juices. Pay special attention to the coconut and avocado.

Whole grains: oats and breads from rye, spelt, etc.

Nuts and seeds.

Natural drinks from vegetables and fruits.

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