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Cosmetologists are told how to care for split ends

Косметологи подсказали, как ухаживать за секущимися волосамиTips from professionals.

Hair is probably the most common problem for women who prefer long locks. To luxurious locks do not lost its seductive effect, most barbers definitely solve this problem: cut off the split hair.

Are there other painless methods of getting rid of split ends? Try to understand together.

So, a few tips from professionals about the proper care of split ends.

Tip # 1: regular haircut

Experienced stylists unanimously say that about every two months to visit a beauty salon and ask the wizard to shorten the strands 1-2 cm, which helps to strengthen hair follicles and stimulates growth of hair, if haircut done by a professional in the growing moon.

Tip # 2: climatic conditions

According to experts in beauty, hair health can be maintained during all weather circumstances. The only thing needed is a moderate stay outside in the gusty wind, torrential rain or exhausting heat. In General, one should on the street to wear protective headgear: caps, hats, caps, Panama and so on But in the room you need to let the scalp recover coloradohomes cells.

Tip # 3: the minimum of means for styling

Of course, each lady loves elegant and original hairstyle for fixing masterpieces of hairdressing products chemical based that weaken and pollute the hair. Therefore, it is desirable to avoid in case of hair experimentation with hair, preferring light hair styling.

Tip # 4: natural drying

According to the norms of hygiene, the person washes his head on average every 2-6 days, depending on the degree of fat and speed of pollution. Accordingly, several times a week he puts your strand test a Hairdryer, dry the hair, making it dry, lifeless, brittle and split.

Therefore, if possible, you should minimize the use of this device is far preferable to natural drying of hair.

By the way, comb the wet locks is strictly prohibited! Brush destroys the weakened hair follicles, which leads to disastrous loss of hair. Comb the hair need to wash it on brushing the accumulated dirt, remnants of styling products, etc.

Tip # 5: masks for split ends

The whipped curls can save the yogurt, to be exact – nourishing mask based on it. You can simply homemade yogurt at room temperature before shampooing apply evenly to the hair for 40 minutes, after which rinse the split hair with warm water.

Tip # 6: the basis of nutrition – fats

Weakened hair strengthen fats of vegetable and animal origin. When you split the curls you want to include in your daily diet a fatty fish, vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, corn, canola, flax, etc.) and nuts.

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