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Choose the most useful rice

Выбираем самый полезный рисThe more processed the rice, the less there is left of nutrients.

Thanks to the hard treatment the people of the East such a seemingly homogeneous product as the pic, in the present, we have a range of varieties of rice grains.

And for those who want to eat healthy food to understand this you must first.

– Short-grain white rice.
It opens during cooking, making it slightly viscous. This type of rice is highly appreciated in the manufacture of confectionery products, especially rice pudding.

– Paddy rice.
Also called paddy rice or paddy rice. Is rice in the form in which it is gathered on the field. It is so hard that is not suitable for eating.

– Wholegrain rice.
This variety of rice is richer in nutrients and nutrients than white rice, but it is longer and it is harder to chew. It will be easier to cook if you soak for several hours before cooking. Lemon juice a few drops while cooking will also make it softer.

– Parboiled rice.
This hydrothermally processed whole grain rice slightly ropinirole. Its easier to eat than whole grain rice, and while it retains most of its vitamins.

– Dlinnozernogo white rice.
The grains of this rice remain intact and soft during cooking. This kind of rice is preferred for cold dishes such as salad with rice.

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