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Cellulite: everything you need to know about the “orange peel”

Целлюлит: все что нужно знать об «апельсиновой корке»  The problem, familiar to many girls.

The swimsuit season is approaching, and that means it’s time to get rid of cellulite.

Professional nutritionist, expert in nutrition Katya Matushkina on his page on Instagram helped to understand what is its cause, and how to make a beautiful figure.

The cause of cellulite

Fat is not the cause of “orange peel”, though, and exacerbates the problem. Cellulite is a disturbance of the circulation of interstitial fluid.

What causes cellulite

The change in the volume of fat cells (adipocytes). “Chaotic increase in adipocytes, which are inside the “bag” together in conglomerates. These formless conglomerates is the very lumpy structure you see on the surface of the skin,” explained the expert.

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Целлюлит: все что нужно знать об «апельсиновой корке»

The deterioration of blood flow. The fat cells are pinching the small blood vessels passing between them. The result: fat is not broken down due to the lack of oxygen, the cells stronger clamp the vessels, impaired lymphatic drainage, which should carry out the excess fluid, toxins and waste products.

What exacerbates the situation

Sedentary – no movement of blood, lymph circulation, pinched blood vessels.

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Unbalanced diet – too many calories, junk food, diet.

Целлюлит: все что нужно знать об «апельсиновой корке»

How to get rid of cellulite

This can be done by just losing weight. For this you need to exercise, eat healthy food, to do the draining wrap and use scrubs.

Also recently Matushkina showed how to remove cellulite in the home environment. She explained how to take a course of body wraps, what is the mixture you need to prepare and how much then sit with her to work.

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