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Discovered the secret of invulnerability fungi

“Superpowers” acquire and pathogenic fungi. Genetics from MSU and sechenovskiy University have discovered why many disease-causing fungi become immune to the action of new drugs. Their findings were presented in the journal Scientific Reports. In recent years, professionals are more and more it becomes a problem of occurrence of so-called …

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Rock paintings of dinosaurs concerned scientists

Such drawings may indicate cohabitation of people with dinosaurs. Scientists have observed some cave paintings depicting dinosaurs among men. Images on the rocks tell about the life of people at that time. The drawings were discovered from Australia to Peru. The picture below just shows one picture from the Amazon …

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The Baltic sea is threatened by a disaster

The reason for this experts see global climate change. Coastal areas of the Baltic sea over the last hundred years have experienced an “unprecedented serious” loss of oxygen. To such conclusion the Finnish and German scientists. A study published in the journal Biogeosciences, briefly about it informs the European Union …

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The smallest dog in the world cloned in the 49th time

At birth, Milly weighed less than 28 grams. Dog breed Chihuahua named Miracle Milly (Milly Miracle) cloned in the 49th time. The experts are engaged in the cloning of six-year-old animal in an attempt to understand why it is so petite. At birth, Milly weighed less than 28 grams and …

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Scientists saw a planet where a year lasts 19 days

The exoplanet is about 600 light years from us. The new planet was named EPIC 211945201b or K2-236b, and she’s a big is 27 times more massive than Earth. For the first time the heavenly body was spotted by the Kepler telescope, but a team of Indian scientists has confirmed …

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ESA has solved the mystery of the toxicity of lunar dust

The European space Agency (ESA) conducts research that is intended to solve the mystery of the toxicity of lunar dust. As reported on the Agency’s website after the astronauts “Apollo” was back on the Ground, the dust covered their spacesuits, make them feel dryness in the throat, and his eyes …

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Enterprising Africans took away the stork unlimited SIM card

“SIM card” installed in the GPS tracker on the bird, the Polish scientists. Some believe that storks bring children, but one of these birds brought to the Polish researchers a huge bill for mobile services. In April 2017, scientists from the environmental company “EcoLogic” supplied the feathered named Kika GPS …

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