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Found the explanation of the transit anomaly

To date, at least six cases, the span of the anomaly. Physicist Louis Bathrooms from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) analyzed the main anomaly is the deviation from the estimated increase of energy during a gravity assist spacecraft in earth orbit. Research scientist published in the journal Astrophysics and …

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NASA showed a large coronal hole in the Sun

Observatory, NASA took a picture of coronal holes on the Sun. The solar dynamics Observatory NASA has provided the large coronal holes that was seen on the solar disk last week and ejects the solar wind streams towards Earth. The picture was published on the Agency’s website. As scholars have …

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Astrophysicist explained the reasons for the starbursts

Through the Solar system comets often fly in different sizes, most notably just in the last month of summer. Russian astrophysicist Valery Shematovich told about meteor showers, constellation Perseus, which means the falling of the stars. The scientist noted that a meteor shower occurs about 12 to 14 August of …

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Japanese scientists have discovered a hidden black hole

The discovery was made by the astronomer Masaya Yamada and his colleaguesResearchers from Japan have come to the conclusion that, along with the supernova remnants W44, located at a distance 10 thousand light years from Earth, can be hidden behind a cloud of interstellar gas, black hole. The researchers used …

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