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Regardie are cars with cameras

Regardie is testing new patrol cars LADA Vesta Sport for private security, equipped with all necessary technical equipment, including thermal imaging, said the head of the Department of equipment and weapons of Regardie Lieutenant General Alexei Bezzubikov on the scientific and technical Council of the Ministry. “The patrol car LADA …

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Auto experts spoke about ways to keep a new car

Auto told about the nine ways to keep a new car even after several years of operation. Use a microfiber. Motorists are advised to always remove their vehicle by using a microfiber cloth, because it is much softer than other pieces of cloth. In addition, the napkins absorb water faster. …

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What model used car is considered better than new?

Those cars that are corporations-giants are releasing today is a feat of engineering, safe, convenient, economical, beautiful appearance of the model. But they are not without drawbacks, and it’s not just about “biting” price. Technologically sophisticated new cars in practice often be more expensive to maintain and less reliable than …

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Hydrogen car: the Future is near

10 years ago in the seventh episode of the season 12 Top Gear (then he led the Clarkson, Hammond and may) James may tested the electric car — the Honda Clarity. Then came an article by Jeremy Clarkson in which he talked about the fact that this story has not …

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On inspection the vehicle control will be enforced

Under the new law, when carrying out all maintenance will be recorded in electronic form to issue a diagnostic card every car owner. This is to ensure that with the passage of maintenance on the part of masters was no fraud and forgery. The amendments to the law were made …

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Where expensive cars on the roads in Moscow

How many expensive cars in Moscow, when the average salary in Moscow is about 40 thousand rubles. The cost of these machines, of course, different, but this is not the average salary, and 40-500 thousand dollars. It turns out that there are options for obtaining this desirable but expensive car. …

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