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What are the risks of breakage of the alternator belt and what to do with it

Чем грозит обрыв ремня генератора и что с этим делать

How to determine that the alternator belt was broken?

To determine that the alternator belt has broken one of the following:

1. The appearance of the empty battery icon on the control panel. This indicator is illuminated, because the work of generating the device or battery is broken.

2. Failures of external lighting devices. If the driver takes his foot off the gas pedal, the lights begin to Shine more dimly, when you touch the gas the brightness of optical devices is restored.

What to do with the weakening of the tension?

The weakening of the belt needs a key to tighten the tension rollers. Since the generating node is equipped with multiple rollers, each of them allows to set the desired degree of stretching. However, the absolute tightness until it stops is not recommended, as it will lead to more rapid wear and tear.

What happens when failure of the belt?

If you stop the drive belt, the user may encounter the following issues:

1. The generator set will not be able to feed the grid of the vehicle, including all equipment and devices.

2. All consumers tension begin to feed directly from the battery.

3. If the car is equipped with a drive belt gidrousilitel device (WTP) and air-conditioning system, obrw products will lead to the fact that these systems will not work. The pump Gur and the clutch unit will cease to function.

Why the alternator belt may break?

If broken, a new strap or straps constantly worn out, this may be due to:

  • wear of the main elements of the product;
  • incorrect installation of the pulley, a high rigidity of the belt;
  • the lack of alignment;
  • wear of bearing elements;
  • improper selection and installation of the belt;
  • wear and failure of the tension roller;
  • failure of the attachment;
  • lack of, or damage to protection of the generating set;
  • the simultaneous use of large numbers of consumers voltage or set to auto of Chinese equipment.

What to do if the alternator belt came off?

When you encounter such problems there are two solutions:

1. If the degree of wear is not critical, try to set the strap back. However, if it is seriously worn out and can not be fixed on the pulleys, then over time it will fly again.

2. To cut the belt and drive to the nearest service station or garage where the repair will be made.

What to do when belt breaks?

If you broke the alternator belt, you must do so:

  • The vehicle is on a level surface in the garage with a pit or on a ramp under the wheels you need to put stops. Rises the Parking brake, turn on the first transmission. Open the engine compartment of the car, disconnected the battery.
  • A spanner nut is loosened the adjusting strap installed on it (this will release the generator node). Before the end nut is not unscrewed.
  • Then the nut is loosened, which is used for fixing the device on top of the generator (until the node will be able to scroll).
  • Then the generating node is moved in the direction to withdraw the severed strap.
  • Installing a new product. First the belt goes on the crankshaft, and then on the pulley of the generating set. If the vehicle is equipped with a carburetor and rear-wheel drive, last drive, the product is put on the pump.
  • After installation, you must substitute a small piece of pipe or wrench (gas) key to remove a node from the motor. It is required to do in order to pull the product. Assistant at this time needs to tighten nut located on the adjusting bracket on the bottom of the generator.
  • Then connect back the battery, then the engine compartment is closed.

How much can you get?

The number of kilometers that the vehicle can travel depends on two factors:

  • the degree of charge of the battery (the vehicle with the charged battery increases to a few tens of km);
  • the number of connected during the movement of electric devices and equipment that can discharge the battery.

What to do if the car won’t start?

If the vehicle engine does not start, you need to do this:

  • To charge the battery. Since the motor is often not possible as a result of battery discharge, the charging device will temporarily resolve the problem.
  • You need to try to start the engine with the pusher.
  • To replace timing belt and to go further.
  • If the auto shops around, you can install straps handy product that will allow you to briefly replace its function. These include durable women’s stockings, men’s belts, ties, rope, and camera from a Bicycle wheel.

What are the risks of breakage of the alternator belt on the road?

The consequences can be:

  • If I break the alternator belt and it will fall under the strap timing, in this case, it is possible to damage or leap past that will lead to the bending of the valves.
  • Due to a broken belt the battery will not recharge, so you need to stop using the car until the issue is resolved. Full charge the battery will prevent operation of the machine.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures that will allow for timely identification of deterioration or to prevent it:

1. On most vehicles the replacement of the alternator belt in service documents should be made 1 every 30 thousand kilometers. It is necessary to observe the interval or follow the instructions in the technical manual.

2. The need to periodically check tension of the drive belt. The product must not be over tightened or weakened.

3. 1 in every 5 thousand kilometers should check the status of the drive product, or more often if there are signs of wear. The presence of cracks indicates wear and tear.

4. It is impossible to prevent oil or other fluids on the belt structure.


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