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What model used car is considered better than new?

Какие модели б/у авто считаются лучше новых?

Какие модели б/у авто считаются лучше новых?

Those cars that are corporations-giants are releasing today is a feat of engineering, safe, convenient, economical, beautiful appearance of the model. But they are not without drawbacks, and it’s not just about “biting” price. Technologically sophisticated new cars in practice often be more expensive to maintain and less reliable than the time-tested workhorses.

Recommend some model used cars to buy is a new car from the salon it is possible only in theory. In fact, everything will depend on the specific case, condition, life, of kilometres of road, number of owners the car has, the way he was looked after and protected. The choice of car should be based not only on the make and model, and the whole complex of these factors.

The Second Ford Focus

Not just this model is considered one of the best even by today’s standards. At the time of release, almost 15 years ago, in picking the “Trick” was that cars in this price segment even anticipated – climate into two zones, a set of pillows, good sound and much more. More importantly, the engine of a car can go and 500 thousand, and more.

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However, due to its popularity, some models managed to change a few of the owners with all the ensuing consequences, so choose the Focus 2 should be carefully and slowly.

Nissan Almera Classic

For those who do not eschew the classics, surprisingly good option would be the Nissan Almera Classic. Despite its age, this model even today, has a good balance, durability, low-cost maintenance.

Separately want to say is that often Almera Classic is in use from one owner, often an elderly person or couple, which had been carefully and accurately to the vehicle.

Passat B3

If you are on a budget, these “workhorses” there are a lot of competitors of a higher class. We recommend to buy used Mercedes: W124 or W140, Audi: 80 or 100 etc. But if you need something cheaper, more economical, but is almost as reliable – present Passat B3. This is a Golden classics, which literally legends is one of the best representatives of Volkswagen old school.

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There was little of electronics, but it is reliable and tough, just repaired and serviced by. The only negative besides the simple appearance – age. No matter how you’re looking for, you will not be able to find Passat third generation under 20 years of age. Often the age will be closer to the 30-year anniversary. So if the car was neglected and kept as got, there is nothing good from buying you get.

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