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Tires that are not afraid of punctures, for the first time will appear on the production car

Airless wheel for a number of indicators superior to radial tubeless tires. Uptis this year will be set on the serial electric car, the Chevrolet Bolt.

Airless tires from Michelin and General Motors called Uptis stands Unique Puncture-proof Tire System, “a unique system of puncture-proof tires”. The ultimate goal of the developers is a brand new wheel for passenger cars, which will replace the modern tires and tyres. This topic Michelin has been doing for 14 years.

GM plans to start field trials of a prototype Uptis this year, equipping the new wheel electric Chevrolet Bolt, according to the New Atlas.

Airless technology has several advantages for the driver and for the environment — and throughout the cycle of life. In the manufacture of tires consumes less raw materials and energy, less damaged tires end up in landfills, they are less wear due to insufficient or, conversely, to excessive pressure. In addition, this bus never goes down on the road, creating an emergency situation.

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According to representatives of Michelin, about 12% of the tyres sent to landfill prematurely as a result of the explosions, about 8% — because of problems with pressure.

Every year the owners throw 200 million failed before the end of the life of the tyre.

Going to Uptis with traditional inflatable tires, the driver will not notice much of a difference. By weight, it corresponds to the average wheel — 22.5 kg, can accelerate as usual, and it saves space in the trunk, where you no longer need to carry a spare.

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Uptis — ready for serial production version of the system Tweel, Michelin which was shown in 2005. In 2014, the company announced the construction of a new factory airless tires. Now Tweel produced only for nepaligirls transport, in particular, construction and agricultural machinery.

Prices on Uptis not yet been made public, as the types or sizes of vehicles for which this wheel is designed. Most likely, the first such bus goes commercial services — taxis and car service.

For military vehicles need wheels to meet specific requirements. A year ago, DARPA presented the development for vehicles — a wheel that changes shape on the fly.

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