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Garbage and car tires made a billion dollars

A few years ago recycling, by analogy with the Russian Federation, was introduced in the automotive industry in support of domestic Assembly plants. The latter argue that this measure has led to significant growth and development of the automotive sector in Kazakhstan. As actually running the car recycling fee in …

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In Russia propose to label tires

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation proposed in the country to introduce mandatory labeling of car tires — from November 2020. As follows from the draft law posted on the official portal of legal acts, the sellers of tires are required to register in the information …

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The pros and cons of re-studding tires

In winter, some car owners face a question: whether to buy new winter tyres, or used, or re-Osipovichi their old. Tire calculator Generally speaking, re-studding tires is a good thing. But it is useful only if by themselves, the tyres are still new, deep tread and no damage yet. To …

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NASA has developed a eternal Titan tires

Tires cannot be punctured. NASA has developed a prototype of a new tire, designed for extreme conditions. She is super-elastic, impenetrable and made of titanium alloy. If you send an expedition to Mars or the moon, think about tires for your vehicle, since it is clear that modern inflatable tyres …

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In Kiev again firing tires. Video

The protesters also went to the mansion Poroshenko in Kiev region.At the intersection of Bank and Institutskaya near the presidential Administration, the protesters set fire to tires. Video of the protest posted on the page Movement vizvolennya in Facebook. The record also shows that the activists have tried to overturn …

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In Kiev, protesters set fire to tires: the cause

People oppose the demolition of the garages. In Kiev, in the Shevchenko district on the street Polovtsian residents set fire to tires in protest against the demolition of the garages. This is stated on the community page “Prompt Kiev” in Facebook. “On Tatarka continued mass opposition of local residents against …

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