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Smart intercom helped to solve a crime

Smart intercom helped to solve a crime! In the neighborhood Park-2 in the Parking lot the accident occurred. Unfair driver fled the scene. As a device, installed at the entrance, helped to find the culprit? Found Andrei Mikhailyuk. An unpleasant surprise was waiting for the resident of Chelyabinsk, Yulia Bachop. …

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It became known how much companies earn in Russia

Topped the list with revenue of Toyota 313,2 billion Forbes magazine published a rating of the largest foreign companies in Russia by revenue in 2018. It includes 12 car brands, and Toyota topped the list, which earned 313,2 billion. In addition to Toyota, which is the second place after the …

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BMW topped the rating of the unreliability

Experts of the British division of J. D. Power analyzed the number of issues that have 100 of the vehicles in each of the popular brands The race for the introduction of new technologies is becoming a headache for car owners, since the market accounts for half of the 10 …

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Tesla was faster than a racing Porsche

In the near future, Tesla plans to release a new generation of its popular sedan Tesla Model S. most Likely, this will happen already in 2020. But despite the fact that the car hasn’t even arrived, it already had time to compare it with racing electric car production Porsche. And …

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How to make hydrogen gasoline overpowered

Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBS) developed a model of infrastructure supply hydrogen, which in just 30 years, will make the hydrogen car of the rare curiosities of everyday transport. In its report, the UBC researchers provide an analysis of the infrastructure necessary to support hydrogen vehicles in …

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In the UK, did McLaren Speedtail from thousands of items

Is the number of elements required to build the car in scale 1:8. Assembly engaged the company of the UK Amalgam Collection. The company specializiruetsya in the production of scale models of cars with high level of detail. So, the price tag of such cars can reach very large values. …

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To drive a car from Abkhazia – is it beneficial?

In order to purchase cheaper foreign vehicles the Russians often sent to Abkhazia. To transfer the Abkhaz machines in the possession of Russians use several options: buying a car citizen of Abkhazia (means Russians) and transfer it to the loan LLC or SP, where there is a citizen of the …

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