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Where expensive cars on the roads in Moscow

Откуда дорогие машины на дорогах в Москвы

How many expensive cars in Moscow, when the average salary in Moscow is about 40 thousand rubles. The cost of these machines, of course, different, but this is not the average salary, and 40-500 thousand dollars. It turns out that there are options for obtaining this desirable but expensive car.

The reasons for the presence of a large number of expensive cars in Moscow

How many expensive cars on the roads of Moscow, this question is asked themselves at least once every second Muscovite, and certainly one can understand the bewilderment of foreigners coming to the capital. For many economic indicators, Russia is not on the first places in ratings. And the income of the population is not something that the average, but rather below average.


  • To buy an expensive car without having a good income is very hard, however every day they go on the road. Every owner of such a vehicle has his way.
  • Owner of expensive cars is well earned and very rich man. At any point of the globe there are rich and poor people. This is the law of balance in the world. A person who earns a lot and can afford to spend a lot.
  • Expensive car taken on credit. This practice is widespread in other countries. There to borrow a car or apartment is the norm. Credit in Russia on expensive cars too, but much less frequently. Lending rates offered by banks are unprofitable and represent a large amount in the overpayment. Although there are times when an expensive car taken on credit, but the man gives her all his earnings and lives modestly. But experiencing all these difficulties, the owner of an expensive car gets the maximum pleasure from owning it.
  • An expensive car might get in inheritance.
  • Wages are small but there is additional income that a person can get from Bank deposits, rental real estate, dividends from shares. Perhaps the man has not one job but several, or a good job.
  • Not all income and wages including official. And if so, then no need to pay state taxes for the employee, and the total income so more.
  • The mentality of the Russians is arranged so that the need to outdo or to throw dust in the eyes, buying an expensive car. This fact was known from the Soviet times when there was nothing and there was nothing we could do and like. Now there are all and a lot, but I still also much.
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    The most expensive cars on the roads and in other countries

    Not only Russia has the most expensive cars, but in the other countries of the world. The cost of the Russian cars almost became the same after the devaluation of the national currency. But still in some countries, the cost of the car rolls over.

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    For example, in Indonesia, if you buy a Prius, then the cost of the machine will be about 60 thousand dollars. A Ferrari 458 will cost future owner in 600 thousand dollars. Such a large cost of the foreign cars because of the very high customs duties on imported foreign cars. Incidentally, such a duty imposed in Russia, which significantly affects the price.

    Singapore generally surprised by their prices on foreign cars. The biggest problem in this country is a huge glut of road cars. Foreign car authorities imposed high customs duty if the car is bought abroad, and if high taxes at purchase.

    But to get a driver’s license, and eventually confirm them, is worth the effort. So, the price of the SUV Hyundai Santa will reach 157 thousand dollars, and Toyota Corolla — about 80 thousand dollars.

    In a city like Moscow, in fact not very many expensive cars, but on the other hand, one of the most expensive cities in the world can afford and a lot of expensive cars.

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