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Russia knows where we hide weapons – Ukraine

Stockpiling arms and ammunition in Ukraine makes “little sense” due to the ability of Russian forces to effectively identify and strike such locations, Kiev’s air force spokesman has admitted. Yury Ignat also warned that US-made F-16 fighter jets could become “a good target” for Moscow if supplied to Ukraine. Kiev …

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US Congress reveals where Ukraine money ends up

Most of the money the US Congress has designated for aiding the government in Kiev has actually gone to the military-industrial complex, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee admitted during an oversight hearing on Wednesday. “Of the $113 billion appropriated, across four supplementals, approximately 60% is going to …

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Study reveals where aliens are more likely to exist

Larger planets may be unable to form moons like Earth’s own, which is vital for sustaining life, scientists have claimed. They argue that smaller planets are therefore more likely to host alien organisms. Our moon plays a crucial role in supporting life on Earth, controlling the ocean’s tides and in …

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The surprising place where sex change tourism is booming

Since the mid-1970s, foreigners have flown into Thailand as men and later flown back out as women. The Philippines, too, was something of a hotspot. Southeast Asia in general was long thought to be more tolerant of transgenderism. But now gender affirmation surgery is easing into the mainstream, it’s big business, and …

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Have we reached the point where Big Tech censorship is simply accepted?

Shockingly, the permanent suspension of hard-right Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from Twitter and her temporary suspension from Facebook does not appear to shock us anymore. What is at stake here is far more critical than one congresswoman spreading nonsense on social media. The precedent set a year ago, where unaccountable Big Tech simply banned …

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Russia reveals where World War III has already begun

Andrey Krutskikh, a Foreign Ministry official charged with overseeing the country’s international cooperation on information security, spoke on Thursday at an academic conference on the subject of Russia’s place in today’s political world. He claimed that cyberattacks have become so frequent and severe as to constitute a new world conflict, hidden …

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New law allows for warrantless spying on Australians – where next?

The move allows the agency to collect signals intelligence on individuals within the country without a warrant, although allegedly only in situations where there is an “imminent risk to life.” Domestic terror suspects are cited as a key target in the Directorate’s crosshairs, and it will also collect intelligence in conjunction …

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