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Called nuts, halving the risk of diabetes

Назван вид орехов, вдвое снижающий риск диабета A large-scale study conducted in Los Angeles.

Regular consumption of walnuts can halve the risk of type II diabetes. The announcement was made by scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles, who analyzed data from a large-scale study involving over 34,000 people.

In particular, studied data from the National survey of health and nutrition (NHANES), covering several tens of thousands of Americans aged 18-85 years. The result of this analysis, the authors concluded that daily consumption of walnuts 30 grams reduces the risk of type II diabetes by 47%.

However, the researchers stated that the consumption of walnuts is correlated with reduced risk of diabetes irrespective of age, sex, race, education, BMI and intensity of physical activity.

“Diabetics often have elevated blood pressure, cholesterol or triglycerides may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Walnuts being rich source of polyunsaturated fat, specifically alpha-linolenic acid, varieties of omega-3 fatty acids, reduces the likelihood of developing these pathologies,” concluded the researchers.

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