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Caffeine may potentiate or weaken the effect of the pharmacy of painkillers

Кофеин может усиливать или ослаблять действие аптечных обезболивающих средствThe effect of combined anesthetic drugs, paradoxically, depends on the dosage of caffeine.

Headaches and other pains, many people turn to the drugstore for over-the-counter obezbolivatmi the usual – paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. In some cases, pain relievers are offered in combination with caffeine. An international group of researchers with the participation of German scientists found that a combination with caffeine significantly enhances the action of analgesics.

In Germany participated in the study 1743 patients, most of whom suffered from migraine. Scientists compared the effect of combination of paracetamol and aspirin with caffeine in comparison with the use of simple combinations of paracetamol and aspirin, as well as, if you were only given paracetamol, only aspirin, caffeine or a placebo.

In groups in combination with caffeine analgesic effect occurs much faster, was more pronounced and a larger number of patients. While too low a dosage of caffeine, however, reduced the analgesic effect.

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