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Beauticians suggested how to get rid of warts

Косметологи подсказали, как избавиться от бородавокModern methods of treatment.

Today, there are many ways of wart removal. One of them is laser removal. The whole procedure takes a few minutes, and also guarantees complete sterility during surgery. After the procedure do not need any special care, and the healing is very fast. One of the advantages of the removal of warts by laser is the fact that the skin is just a little deeper.

There is also a method such as electrocoagulation, which is the removal of warts using high frequency currents. This is a very effective method which has no risk of infection, and there are absolutely no blood. If to speak about disadvantages of the method, the site of the wart remains quite visible scar. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Also cauterizing the warts with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). During the procedure there is no pain, but one of the major drawbacks of this method is the inability to adjust the depth of the cauterization.

One of the most frustrating procedures is the surgical removal of warts, that leaves behind visible scars. But sometimes surgical intervention is simply not necessary.

Now let’s talk about how to withdraw warts folk remedies. You can, for example, squeeze the juice from fresh apples sour varieties and spread it over the wart. They say she can pass in 10 days. You can also take an onion and slice it the scales are thin, flat squares the size of the warts and cover them for two hours vinegar. These onion squares to attach to the wart overnight until they pass completely.

In General, onion is used in many folk remedies getting rid of warts. You can, for example, take the bulb and carefully remove it from the middle, cover the inside of coarse salt and wait to separate the juice, which will need to grease the wart twice a day. Onion can also chop and grate into mush, which is applied to the warts at night.

Warts can also fight using garlic, which is also preparing a slurry and mixed with butter or pork interior fat. The resulting ointment is applied on the wart. You can also pour the peeled cloves of three garlic wine or Apple cider vinegar and infuse for two weeks, after which the infusion is put on the wart compresses.

You can also use the herb celandine, which should squeeze the juice and spread it over the wart, and the juice should be fresh. Be careful to ensure that the juice is poisonous, so after the procedure should wash hands thoroughly.

If a wart has appeared recently, you can print it by using fresh juice of a dandelion, which you need to wipe the wart morning and evening. Dandelion can also prepare an ointment by mixing the juice of dandelion roots with butter, which you need to RUB the wart several times a day.

Before combat the warts at home, you need to visit a dermatologist to make sure of high quality education and the possibility of its removal.

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