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Beauticians share recipes effective treatments against cellulite

Косметологи поделились рецептами эффективных процедур против целлюлита Named seven of the best funds.

Cellulite face almost all women.

But, we women are not going to put up with “orange peel” and try to deal with this drawback.

Here are a few procedures from home to cabin, the only effective and proven.

Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage is designed to eliminate cellulite and body shaping in General. Banks for massage can be purchased at the pharmacy. Before the massage should take a hot shower, a good RUB the skin with a towel and make a light massage the problem areas of your body. Continue to apply to the skin of any oil and of the Bank to attach to the body so that they sucked the skin … and go! Secured Bank should drag from the bottom up. The procedure is not pleasant, but effective.

Bath with sea salt

Sea salt removes excess fluid from the body and breaks down fatty tissue. Iodine, minerals and calcium contained in sea water, help the skin become more elastic. A warm bath, add 500 grams of sea salt and soak in it for 15 – 20 minutes. To enhance the effect, after bath massages with salt and olive oil.

Coffee scrub

Another real way to overcome cellulite. Caffeine is able to break down fats, and the antioxidants in coffee increase the skin’s ability to regenerate. One of the recipes coffee scrub: coffee grounds add 1 teaspoon of honey and add a few drops of essential oil. The entire mixture mix well and RUB into the skin massaging movements. To take a warm shower and moisturize the skin.


The principle impact of a contrast shower on the body is a cyclical process of heating and cooling of the body. Due to the contrasting temperatures of water, the pores of the skin alternately narrowed and expanded and, as a result, according to experts, derived cork grease and contamination.


The cryolipolysis procedure is done on the machine Zeltiq: the problematic area apply a vacuum nozzle which sucks a little skin (it doesn’t hurt!). And then within a few minutes processes it cold. After that, the fat cells disappear, and the skin becomes more smooth. To see the result, you need to take a course of 8-10 treatments.


The cavitation procedure is a painless and effective. Fat “sprints” using the vibration of sound – it is done on the machine Sorisa Impact. A special nozzle, which literally breaks up the fat cells, the doctor passes on problem areas – thighs, buttocks and belly. The result was a noticeable and long-lasting, you need to do 5-10 sessions depending on individual circumstances.

Manual anti-cellulite massage

Manual massage is effective that the doctor himself feels how intense the body needs. In addition, the result is noticeable almost immediately – some say cellulite reduction after the first session. You have to remember that cellulite you need to carry out comprehensively.

The above methods add proper nutrition and sports and forget that “orange peel” when something bothered.

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