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An anomalous variation of ancient galaxies

Обнаружена аномальная разновидность древних галактикThe detected galaxies, in which stars are born hundreds of times faster than in the milky Way.

Researchers first hypothesized the existence of these star systems, when discovered a very massive galaxy at a young age. These objects, containing hundreds of billions of stars, could arise only in the case of very intense star formation processes. However, scientists were unknown to such active galaxies.

Astrophysicists have found evidence of their existence, while studying quasars — supermassive black holes located in the center of giant galaxies. They found that near the latter are galactic neighbors, which annually produce stars, whose total mass is comparable to hundreds of suns.

According to scientists, the proximity of quasars is not random. These supermassive black holes are located in regions of the Universe where the density of matter is very high. These conditions are favorable for the occurrence of anomalous galaxies.

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