Thursday , October 22 2020
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The Americans discovered an anomalous black hole

It is supermassive. A team of astronomers from mit reported that they have discovered the most remote from Earth, a supermassive black hole. The hole is in the center of the bright quasar, the light from which reached Earth after 13 billion years. The black hole mass exceeds the Sun …

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Scientists have discovered the anomalous properties of water

According to experts, the water has about 70 properties, many of which distinguish it from other types of liquid. We used to think that liquid water is a disordered collection of molecules that move rapidly within some structure. But scientists from Stockholm University have discovered two phases of this liquid …

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Scientists have recorded anomalous behavior of a black hole

Scientists NASAутверждают that of a black hole appeared an unknown object.Scientists from NASA, thanks to its powerful satellites were able to capture the anomalous behavior of a black hole. According to the astrophysicists of the black hole appeared an unknown object, which may be a new planet. It is known …

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Anomalous summer: Romania covered with snow

Residents of one of the Romanian cities woke up on 23 August in a 5 cm snow.In the night from 22 to 23 August, the inhabitants of the city of Borsa Maramures woke up in the snow. At the peak of Pietrosu in Rodna massif snow cover reaches 5 inches. …

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Poland has covered an anomalous hurricane

Most impounded Lubusz and greater Poland Voivodeship in Western Poland. The rescuers went to the call 619 times, 363 of which are associated with intense rain, and 256 – with the wind. Most impounded Lubusz and greater Poland Voivodeship in Western Poland and Kujawsko-Pomorskie to the North. Most calls related …

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