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American said on the abduction of children by aliens

Американка рассказала о похищении детей инопланетянамиA resident of the USA Emily Trim after 20 years, decided to confess that as a child she was abducted by a UFO.

In addition to her one day aliens abducted 60 students.

The story of Emily Trim was the most incredible story you heard earlier researchers. The girl is one of those children who by chance had to deal with extraterrestrial beings. For 20 years, the information about the kidnapping was hidden by the US authorities. Emily Trim was told that the aliens kidnapped her on September 16, 1994, then lost about 60 students aged 5 to 12 years.

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That day the children were playing outside their school when they had a big spaceship, around which gathered a variety of small objects. How many days the children arrived, the aliens remains unknown, after the arrival on Earth of Emily and other children at the time lost her memory.

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