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World of Tanks has a new balancer

В World of Tanks появился новый балансировщикSPGs in World of Tanks no longer deal critical damage.

Wargaming always listens to the users of World of Tanks and to prove it has released a new update 9.18 with the fundamental changes which all have been waiting for.

First of all, the developers have perfected the key mechanics of the multiplayer, thus solving the “most urgent” problems, which, according to them, has accumulated in the project so far. For example, in World of Tanks now has a new template balancer, searching commands based on the set of server algorithms (templates), so that both sides get equal number of cars at the top, middle and bottom of the list.

In addition, it limits the amount of SPG per team to three, and significantly reduces the likelihood of repeated loss of cards during the game session. In the result, the gameplay should be more exciting and unpredictable, and the impact of each player in the battle will increase.

In addition, after installing the update, 9.18, thanks to the new mechanics of the stun, self-propelled guns in World of Tanks no longer deal critical damage. But artillery can degrade the performance characteristics of enemy tanks (e.g., recharge) and to support allies from afar.

Lastly, you may be interested to know that Wargaming has extended the branch of light tanks up to X level, and introduced for them a standard level of combat. The new machine appeared in the US, Germany, France, the Soviet Union and China, whereas the existing technique has a number of changes to comply with new level of combat.

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