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New mod for Fallout 4 is to survive the nuclear winter

Новый мод для Fallout 4 предлагает пережить ядерную зиму

The main changes Nuclear Winter brings to the game.

Game company Bethesda Game Studios have always attracted modders the ability to radically transform the original worlds. And now came out with a modification that does similar with Fallout 4. The work of the author under the name D1v1ne122 called Fallout 2287 — Nuclear Winter. It places the protagonist in a winter environment and significantly changes the gameplay due to the emergence of a mechanic of survival. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Shaders and various visual effects enthusiast changed the environment — everything is covered with snow, it falls abundantly from the sky. The player character can get in a storm where visibility is severely limited. For greater realism, the author created the effects like steam escaping from his mouth, and snow that remains on the clothes.

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The main changes Nuclear Winter brings to the game. The character settings appear in the insulation, moisture and body temperature. The first characteristic determines the ability of armor to keep warm, and the second shows how wet the clothing of the main character. Also have to consider the wind and the ambient temperature. These two parameters contribute to the cooling of the body, and to warm up will help the heat sources. These include any fires or mechanisms capable of raising the air temperature. Modification 2287 Fallout — Nuclear Winter is possible to download on this page after the pre-authorization on Nexus Mods.

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