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Why parents need to play Pokemon GO with children

Почему родителям нужно играть в Pokemon GO с детьмиScientists urge parents to follow the direction of the child

According to the text of a new study conducted by scientists from Nebraska, USA, parents with their children playing Pokemon GO, have reported a number of effects that bring their children unique benefits.

Among them, the increase of physical activity, more time outdoors, as well as the possibility of rapprochement within the family circle.

In the first survey of parents who play Pokemon GO, some have argued that the nature of the game which suggests or even encourages the possibility of movement and interaction for children is a wonderful excuse to sit at home playing games on the computer or console, and makes the move that leads to the development of their body in the right direction. In addition, they develop their own reasoning and logic, coming up with ways on how to find a pokemon. However, scientists urge parents to follow the direction of the child, because there are cases when the location of the pokemon used by the criminals in order to Rob children and adults.

The results were compiled from the responses of more than 70 pairs of parents throughout Nebraska. Scientists publish in full was read at the conference CHI 2017, held by the Association for the development of computing. Also, the statistics did not take into account those parents who forbid their children to play Pokemon GO, because alternative ways of development of the child in this analytical report are not mentioned.

Despite the many disadvantages and dangers, which brings this game are the reason that mothers of boys and fathers of girls told researchers that began to carry out with their children much more time because of Pokemon GO, and they also have a common interest group, which allowed to establish contact on a fundamentally new level.

“Games with augmented reality, the basis for which are geo-location information, are very different from what kids did 90 years. Out of to sit in front of the TV and play a typical video game. Modern developers try to get kids moving around town. Moreover, those parents who play it with their children open a new page in the relationship and force your child to be more active physically and mentally,” said the scientists, in summing up the conference.

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