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Where to order repair of apartments construction companies or private masters: 6-top tips

Где заказать ремонт квартир в строительной фирме или у частного мастера: 6-топ советовApartment renovation is a major undertaking and to the selection of specialists should be approached responsibly. To the Internet network of companies and individuals offering repair services for a large number. Everyone thinks it is much better to contact the firm or to a private specialist.

Who better to cooperate with company or private specialist?

If you need a proven specialist in the repair of apartments to Zaporozhye, go to on the portal, Profi. The web site is a nationwide directory of goods and services. Website professionals examine each company and experts to users you are protected from fraud. The visitor of the portal have the opportunity to ask any master and Manager of the company questions. All information about products and services in the vast web resource relevant and constantly changing.

Selecting craftsmen to repair apartments should carefully consider with whom to cooperate: the firm or individual. The main points that are worth paying attention to when choosing a repairman:

  • Price. If you want to save contact to private masters on repair of apartments. Should discuss details with the owner of the conditions as they are in the beginning works say one cost after another. In large companies expect an estimate to the cost of all materials, labor. The final budget is confirmed with the customer and the price of work is not increased, except in the case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Contract. Private master on repair of apartments rarely sign contracts all stated verbally. Therefore, to demand reimbursement of compensation or redoing the work difficult. If bona fide it is correct, otherwise you will not achieve anything from it. In construction firms, all client’s rights are protected by contract. Poor performance of work or not in time, paid for by the company.
  • Warranty. Not all specialists will check the warranty on the work carried out, therefore, claim to fail. All construction companies provide a warranty of 1 year.
  • Documents. Ask the experts licenses and certificates confirming the authorization to conduct repairs. If the wizard is not, we will refuse him service and ask for another.
  • Supply of building materials. Of the company include estimates for the purchase of materials and the client does not need to spend time on the trip. Plus they buy materials at a wholesale price, so as to cooperate with suppliers. Private specialists can tell you which materials you should buy and where.
  • Portfolio and testimonials. review the photos of the apartment, where experts carried out repairs. Pay attention to neatness, types of work. Ask for recommendations from customers. Read reviews on thematic forums, social. networks.

Aprofe, is a systematic catalog, which will help you to find a trusted technician to repair the apartment.

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