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Russia will respect private ownership unlike the West – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday the country has no plans to nationalize foreign assets in response to seizures of Russian property abroad. “Unlike Western countries, we will respect property rights,” he added. The arrests of the nation’s foreign assets, and those of Russian businesses, is a lesson for …

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Private schools in England refuse to admit transgender pupils

More than two dozen private girls’ schools in England have said they will not “jeopardize” their status by admitting transgender students, as a teachers’ union calls on the government to provide more clarity on trans matters. The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) updated its gender identity policy guidance in December, …

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Biden’s climate czar & private jet lover John Kerry says US pivot from fossil fuel will create ‘many good-paying jobs in Mexico’

Kerry, US President Joe Biden’s special climate envoy, has argued that Mexico would profit if Biden accomplishes his far-reaching goal to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles.  “Mexico’s industrial base, already deeply integrated with the rest of North America, absolutely stands to benefit from the energy transition,” Kerry claimed on Monday after …

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£19k-a-year private school adopts new BLM-inspired class on ‘white privilege’ with lessons on Meghan Markle’s royal experience

The curriculum’s new element, which has reportedly been inspired by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, also questions why British prime ministers to date have been white. It also discusses “microaggressions” – apparently referring to actions that can marginalise people from minority backgrounds. Examples include touching a black student’s hair …

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