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Where is this going “Bomb”? (TRAILER)

What is the horror community is different from all other movie lovers? Probably special cohesion. In the end, we all somehow are in constant search of looking for good horror movies to their taste for example. Therefore, the websites devoted to horror, not only talk about the notable movies and big premieres, but also on the so-called “indie”segment. And if we, Zone Horror, something overlooked, thanks to “tips from the audience” is always ready to catch up.

Well-known in Runet comrade Haydock (a.k.a. The giggling Doctor – just don’t ask us what he is known for) contacted us to pay attention to the horror-Thriller 2016 release “Bomb” (Ryde). The movie really is little known, although it is noteworthy already at least the original idea: the film tells the driver-the murderer uses to choose his victims a service such as Yandex.Taxi or Uber. And really, with these services you never know what kind of “bomb” you will fall…

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Technology bringing us all closer together, but sometimes strangers get too close to us. How can you really trust someone? With the new app for taxi you never know who you’ll meet. And if I can get to the place alive…

Although the film was shot in 2016, but the trailer got only this summer. Along with the trailer for “hitch-hiked” we got more and posters and frames from this picture.

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